“The kind of conversation I like is one in which you are prepared to emerge a slightly different person.”          -Theador Zeldin

For as long as I can remember, conversation and telling stories has captivated me. I’ve been insatiably curious about human experiences. I want to know, what exactly is it that makes people genuinely happy, successful and amazingly resilient? Why do some people struggle while others find a way to thrive, often despite the most challenging circumstances?

I am also passionate about a multitude of seemingly unconnected things: snowboarding, photography, permaculture, entrepreneurship, creativity, spirituality, travel and philanthropy, just to name a few.

After an array of jobs from firefighter to actor to sales rep here in the U.S. and abroad, unsuccessful business ventures and a lot of angst trying to outsmart the cliché “ To be successful in life you need to…”, I realized that my unusual combination of interests and skill sets are my strength, and not a liability.

When the VA diagnosed me with PTSD, I gave up creating concepts for companies selling things I didn’t believe in and moved onto a 45 acre off-grid property and started from scratch.

I began homesteading, put in a spring box for water, solar panels for electricity, an outhouse, outdoor shower, garden, you get the picture. This is where I started this leg of my journey. After a couple years of taking my VA prescribed PTSD cocktail of pharmaceuticals I realized I had lost touch with myself and the ability to feel things.


Prozac was the main drug that was crushing my spirit and I wanted off. Every time I tried to ween off of it with the help of my psychiatrist I did great for the first week or two, then the downward spiral of suicidal thoughts would eventually force me back on the drug. So I started researching ways to break the cycle of addiction. When I found the 2008 German report titled The endocannabinoid system: emotion, learning and addiction, the light bulb came on. I started making cannabis formulations first with THC dominate strains and then with CBD dominate strains. It took roughly two years before I came up with the right formulation that allowed me stop taking Prozac forever. It was about this time my pops was diagnosed with prostate cancer, so I began making a formulation to help fight that.

Then a friend called and asked if I could make something to help her endometriosis, and another friend asked for help getting off of Oxycontin, and the phone calls kept coming. So I started cultivating a dozen different CBD dominate cannabis strains in my garden and Two Trees Botanicals and Humboldt Oil Company were born.

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